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    semi circle arrow

    Senthil Raja

      semi circle arrow of open close

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          Glenn Schroeder



          If you want a semi-circle with a leader, I don't know of any other way than to sketch the semi-circle and then place the leader from a Note.  Where you would normally enter text for the note, just hit the spacebar on your keyboard once or twice.  That will give you a leader with no text box.  If you don't do that you'll get the box with the X through it.


          The end of the Note's leader should snap to the end of the semi-circle, and then you can grab the other end to shorten it and change the angle of the arrow so it looks right in relation to the semi-circle.  You can set their colors, line thickness, etc. with Layers or the Line Format toolbar.


          I hope this helps.  If I misunderstood, and this isn't what you want, please explain further.