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Stock Feature-based Parts: Configurations break it??

Question asked by Angela Bamblett on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by Mark Kaiser

Good day,


I'm encountering a new problem that I didn't used to have, so I think this question is about soliciting help with finding and correcting a setting somewhere in SW 2012 SP3.0.


I am trying to adding configurations to parts that are based on a stock feature (ie a save body from a Master file). I keep finding that when I add a configuration, the stock feature starts a cyclical process of breaking every single time I change configurations. That is, I change the config from Default to New, and the stock part breaks. I redefine the stock part and fix the broken reference, and the part is happy. Then I switch back to Default, and it's lost its reference again. If I do nothing and switch back to New, it's still fine in the New config. But if I redefine the stock part and fix the broken reference in Default, then New config loses its reference. The process goes in circles like this.


The result is that I can't make any alternate configs for drawings because I can never use both configs at the same time.


This is a consistent problem for me, right now, but a NEW ONE. Older parts that were based on stock features and were perfectly fine with their alternate configs a couple of months ago are now breaking just like newer parts. So it seems clear to me that something has changed.


I look at the options dialogue box as a labyrinth of mysterious and potentially-disastrous pitfalls, so I would appreciate any guidance on what setting I might fiddle with to correct the problem.


Thank you,