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Box selection or lasso selection into PropertyManagerPage

Question asked by Marco Missaglia on Sep 8, 2014

I'm using a IPropertyManagerPageSelectionbox control inside a PropertyManagerPage2 to ask the selection of some bodies.

I need the selection of multiple solid bodies, so I set the filter and the style:


int[] filter = { (int)swSelectType_e.swSelSOLIDBODIES };


mySelection.Style = (int)swPropMgrPageSelectionBoxStyle_e.swPropMgrPageSelectionBoxStyle_MultipleItemSelect;


While using the command I can add to the selection only one body at time because the "Box selection" nor the "Lasso selection" are working.

How can I enable this option?


The SelectionBox defined into the PropertyManagerPage2 seems to have another different behavior than the standard selection: the standard selection requires the shift key to add an entity (and the ctrl to remove it), while the selection defined into the PropertyManagerPage2 toggle the status of the clicked entity.


Can I set my SelectionBox to have the same behavior of the standard one?