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Consider: dragging the assembly closer to the desired solution

Question asked by Hupla Que on Sep 8, 2014
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Hi everyone,

When I'm changing configurations (from DT), some mates do not stay fixed onto their location. An error msg I get about this is has something to do with a distance.
Weird thing is, SW sometimes provides me a correct solution when I suppres an involved 'LimitDistance' mate.
When I suppress and unsupress this, the Coincident mate 'jumps' to the correct location... Therefore I assume that all this is related to the LimitDistance mate...
All values for this mate are set through my DT (Upper & lower limits, as well as the tolerance values)
If this doe not work out, another possibility is to drag my part more near to it's desired location and then unsuppress my mates again. Then it all works out fine. (only once.. :-/)
The coincident mate allready has issues when it needs to overcome 25mm... (I would like to change configs over 1000mm...)
Anyone who can diract me to the problem causing this or could lead me to an alternative?

Thx for interests.


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