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can the task scheduler add/edit configuration specific custom properties?

Question asked by Joel Seerey on Sep 5, 2014

what i am trying to do is add a configuration specific custom property for PartNo to all the files and their configurations in my vault and populate the property with the appropriate values ( either the filename or the configuration name depending on the file.).

in our current system the part number is entered in as the file name, if the part is bent sheet metal then the bent configuration uses the filename as the part number and the flat pattern uses the configuration name as the part number, if the part is both a left hand version and right hand version then the blank gets the filename and the two other configurations use their configuration name as the part number.


the problem with this system is that as we add files with more configurations then the parts get harder to search for as we search for a part number and since the card is only looking at the filename the other configs are hard to find. we are currently developing a new vault system that uses a partnumber variable instead of the filename and would like to update our legacy parts to fit the new system.




p.s. i am able to get the task to populate partnumber from filename for regular custom properties but have no idea how to do it for config specific properties.