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Sketch a line btween two selected vertices in a drawing?

Question asked by Chris Johnson on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by Chris Johnson

Hi All,


I want to create a macro that sketches a line between two selected vertices but don't know where to begin.



1.) drawing is open with a section view applied to the part.

2.) user has Ctrl selected two vertices.


Post Conditions:

1.) Macro has sketched a line between those two points.



One of our drafting standards requires drafters to sketch a line across the top of an o-ring groove to indicate that OD doesn't change on either side of the groove.





so basically how do I?


1.) get the XYZ coordinates of the two selected vertices

2.)sketch a line between them.


seems simple but i don't know how to combine the snippets of code to make it come together.


Thanks for the help!