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Question asked by Ronan Carrroll on Sep 5, 2014
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I have looked at both of these products.

Back ground information. We have used Solidworks since 1996
and PDMWorks since 2007. At present we only use one license of SW 2014 and 3
contributor licenses. Will probably have a second SW seat soon.

Reasons for need to change PDM system is primarily we  started using Open ERP least last year.

PDMworks does not produce usable BOMs. Basically want people
to be able to pick up the BOMs directly from the PDM system.

My other major problem is on setup of PDMWorks I followed
the recommendation of not putting library files in the Vault. That was a big
mistake. I need to rename many of them.


From what I have seem of both PDM systems DDM & EPDM

Both interfaces are nice.

  1. DDM can handle configurations. Each configuration
    can be saved as an apparently different file but is actually all the one file. EPDM have been told by the Var doesn’t like configurations.

     2.According to Var I can rename a file in the
       Vault and it updates the references or links  where it is used. Would that show the new name
        in the BOM?

       DDM been told you need to have all the
       assemblies etc. where the file is used open in session before renaming file.
       Can anyone confirm this because that is a big drawback.


      3.I see EPDM uses both issue and revisions. It stores
         all issues of saved model changes aswell as released revisions. Something like
         what Smart Team does. That strikes me as being very disk heavy.

        As far as I know DDM does not do the above.

        I am concerned here about administration burden. Less is good.


      4. At present I have PDM works mounted on My
         Computer. About 60G vault. I also run a parallel folder structure I so I don’t have
         to keep checking things out. I don’t want to put the new PDM system on our
         server as then I would be opening large file across network. Was thing of
         having a 2nd Pc beside mine for vault. This would have a direct link
          to mine (avoiding company network) for file opening and the purchasers can view
          vault on the network. Been told a NAS(?) drive will do this. Anyone else do

       5.DDM can open an assembly “as built” or “use
          latest revisions”. You pick and choose as it suits you.

          Is EPDM as flexible on this?

       6. EPDM well supported on web

           DDM can’t even find a user forum and not must
           user information available. They do have good You Tube videos though and monthly
          upgrade releases.

I am interested in hear others views and experiences on


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