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    sensor setting problem

    Dobroslawa Bartoszek

      Hello, I need to define a list of sensors. A simplified version of the problem is as follows: I have a cylinder and make a thermal simulation (temperature distribution). I need to aquire all simulated temperatures on the inner surface of the cylinder and export them (temperatures and coordinates) for further calculations. I can make it manually by choosing a list (in simulation results), adding an element (surface) and export this list to .csv. But in my real simulation I have many surfaces to add and I need to do it every time when something changes. I tried to automate this process.


      I took the list with exported results, changed it a little bit to have a right order of columns and defined a WorkFlow Sensitive sensor by importing this list as locations. This worked fine. Then I tried to define a probe from this sensor - I chose the right (only one) sensor but on the result list there are only few nodes (and there were hundreds on my list) from a completely different part of the simulation.


      What I do wrong?

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          Jared Conway

          make a test example and post it along with your version and service pack and the steps that you are following (workflow) in 1,2,3 format.


          I don't fully understand what you're trying to accomplish but I think you're trying to create a sensor for a face which I don't think is possible. Your best bet is list selected on the face and export to CSV. but again, if you provide more details about your goals, some pictures and your workflow, someone can look deeper.

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              Dobroslawa Bartoszek

              Thanks for your reply. Last days I spent playing with the test examples, thats why I'm writing just now.


              I'm using Solidworks Simulation 2009, SP3.


              My workflow is as follows:


              0. I build a model and make a thermal simulation, I get a temperature distribution on my model - here it ia a cylinder and a cap.


              1. In the simulation results section I add the surfaces of interest to the list (step1 figure) and save this list to csv. In my test model I add the inner surface of the cylinder and of the cap. Then I change the csv file to have a right order of columns.

              Here I encounter the first problem - it seems, that not all nodes from the surfaces which I select are on the list :/


              2. I set the WorkFlow Sensor, where I import the csv list with coordinates (step2 figure).


              3. I set a sonde from sensor. I think it works in the test model (step3 figure), however because of these node labels I don't see it clearly. But it doesn't work in my real model - I get many repeating points which are only a little subset of the points on my list (problem1 figure).



              I think it should work in general but I don't know how to overcome these strange problems.