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Fatigue Study when Stress in the model exceed S-N value

Question asked by Pk M on Sep 5, 2014
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I am trying to run a fatigue study to estimate life of the product. Static study showed that results are well within in yield value for most of the body with few edges & spots where stress value was much more than yield value. I still need to investigate if those higher stress values are because of stress concentration.Before spending any more time on that, I just wanted to run a fatigue study with existing study to see how results are. When I run the study, I got message which says that stress value in the model is more than that of S-N curve. It is asking me if 1. either to update the S-N curve and continue study or 2. run the study with smallest number of cycles from S-N curve.


Just in case, if those stress values are because of stress concentration, is there any way to manually specify stress intensity (P1-P3) to run the fatigue study?


I attached actual message I got.


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pk pavv

SW 2014 SP 2.0

Win 7 X64