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New Part - Toolbox - same feature as standard toolbox parts

Question asked by Michael Brigmann on Sep 5, 2014

Hi there,


I am starting to set up my tool box and one of the steps is to insert various parts with configurations. One of the is a Alu-Profile from ITEM.


I would like to have the same feature attached to this part that is available for the crews or other standard items. This feature enables the user to change the dimension (not with the configurtation dropdown) of the part. Drop-Menue for the size and arrow pull for the length.


Can someone tell me which techniques are involved to create such a part.


I have already created this part in the toolbox. i am trying at the moment to insert this table one the left side - red marked into the part page. But I don't really succed in that. Would this be the right direction?



Help is highly appreciated and I hope that I will get this challange done. Also I hope that this will help other users with a similar problem.