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    Documentation for sldtoolboxdata.dll

    Alexey Groutso

      Hi all,


      Just wondering if anyone knows if there is any documentation available for writing addins that use Toolbox.

      I found sldtoolboxdata.dll which seems to have a number of methods that relate to toolbox but can't find description anywhere.

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          Artur Boszczyk

          Hi Alexey,

          Any luck in finding the documentation for sldtoolboxdata? Have you got any code examples?



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              Alexey Groutso

              Hi Artur,


              No luck unfortunately, I ended up doing it all I wanted so far without dealing with sldtoolboxdata file. All I basically wanted is to automate the insertion of fasteners into assembly, multiple fasteners, different combinations, auto select lengths and sizes based on hole wizard holes. Works perfectly unless I choose a size or length which hasn't been previously created in the file, which is why I wanted to take this whole addin a step further, but still no luck on documentation. I'll try to contact someone at SolidWorks directly to see if they can help me out. Will let you know if I get anywhere.