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    Imported weld symbol looks different than manually created weld symbol

    Jamil Snead

      When I use Insert Model Items to bring in weld symbols, or if I create a new weld symbol but click where I had a weld bean in teh assembly, then the automatically created weld symbol looks wrong. Here is what it looks like:


      Firstly, why does SW default to put the symbol on top of the leader, indicating opposite side? That's just stupid considering it imports the symbol onto the side where you have the weld bead. Secondly, it puts leading zeros for the weld size. Lastly, the fillet symbol is small. If I manually create a weld symbol it looks like this:


      Notice how the fillet symbol it larger.


      Is there a way to fix any or all of those 3 things?

      1. Default weld symbol should be near side

      2. Eliminate leading zero on decimal

      3. Weld symbol correct size