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ER: Need a quick fix for imported geometry with errors

Question asked by Mati Link on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by Walter Fetsch

Imagine imported file with tens of hundreds of faces, bodies that takes hours to import diagnostics and probably fails. There a lots of tricks and tips to fix the model but often you just want to use those models in your design.

Take for example 3D components that you get from some vendor: you just want to import it, mate and use it. Often users leaves it like it is and then keep getting rebuild errors and long rebuild times. Even freeze does not hide rebuild errors.


Don't you wish there is a possibility "embrace" the model as it is but get rid of rebuild errors? I imagine it would be a word-by-word "shrink wrap surface" that would cover all faces, bodies, surfaces (curves?) in part, it would be made as solid and all other stuff consumed. Such a time saver and head-ache remover for user who just needs to use imported file as reference in their design (think electric motors - most usual case with import errors for me). There are use cases when you do not want, have time and need and expertise to fix, heal and patch the imported models.

I know shrink wrap is analogue for Defeature in other CADs but here is helps you visually imagine how it should work.