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"Updates All Configurations" Variables not updating all configurations. Bug? or normal?

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Sep 5, 2014

So i have been playing around with our data cards again and have noticed something that may be a bug, but might be normal behavior.


i have 3 variables that shouldn't change with the configuration; Mark number, Drawing Reference and Description. i have set these 3 variables as "Updates all configurations" and it works if i create the part or assembly and change the variables in the properties or data card. however, i also have these properties linked to our BOM and our workflow dictates that the best time to fill these fields is through the BOM.


here's where the issue comes in, when i update these variables through the BOM SW only populates the @ tab for the drawing reference and the Description and Mark Number in the configuration tab.


in the properties dialog it shows the drawing reference as a custom property and the Description and Mark Number as config spec. properties, as i would expect, but when i look at all the variables they all look identical as far as settings go.


so this raises two double barrel questions;


1) why would the variables be populating different tabs? and how would i fix that?


2) why does this function work fine if done in the part/assembly but not through the BOM? and is there a way to fix that?


i have tried checking them in and rebooting etc. but nothing seems to make the variables populate all configs unless the changes are made in the part/assembly properties dialog or data card. i wouldn't have thought that would be standard behavior.