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    Got problem with command "DrawingViewRotate"

    Adam Mircea

      Hi all,

           I need the community's help.


           Does anyone used the command  "DrawingViewRotate"  to rotate a Drawing view ?


           This is the part of my macro that I'm using to set horizontal an component view :


                If Int(DPART(NUMB_PART, 14)) > Int(DPART(NUMB_PART, 13)) Then boolstatus = Part.DrawingViewRotate(90 / 57.3)  'keep the view horizontal (if height is higher then width then rotate)


           So if i apply this simply macro to some Drawing view, in any case i obtain the horizontal view. (obviously the precondition is that the comp. view must be perfectly paralel with view axis)


           But these days i used this macro on some components that have a very large height and i noticed that this rotation is not fully 90°, but is somethink like 89.9°.

           For my purpose i need to have the drawing view perfectly horizzontal, so I'm asking if can someone help me find where is the error of my procedure .. Why it not rotate the view at 90° ? Is the code "Part.DrawingViewRotate(90 / 57.3)" correct ?


      Thanks all for reading,