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Fixed point number formatting for equation results

Question asked by David Watson on Mar 26, 2007
Latest reply on May 2, 2007 by David Watson

I am using two simple equations to put a value into a customproperty which then goes into another custom property for displayin a BOM.  Specifically,
Length Allowance = 0.25
Cut Length = Length@Sketch1.sldprt + Length Allowance.
This  last value then shows up in the custom property valuecolumn pull-down.  I then make a new custom property calledCut Length and and set it to the Cut Length equation value in thepull-down.  Finally, I use this in the Description customproperty, something like this:
RB, Ø"Diameter@Sketch1.sldprt" x $PRPSHEET:"CutLength" LG.;
which ends up looking like this:
RB, Ø1.250 x 12.25 LG.
The problem is that if I set Length Allowance = 0.00, Cut Lengthevaluates to 12, and I would like it to display as 12.00. Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.