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    turn on or off filter to pick notes/text?  (when clicking on top of text, SW always picks the wrong one)

    Dave Krum

      Hello All,

      I'm having an issue with notes (text) on a drawing and they are all very close to each other but each are separate notes, not combined into one note.  When I go to pick a certain note, the one below or above it will be selected but I have to pick somewhere way off to the left or above the one I need then click the left mouse button in order for it to be highlited/selected.  Is there some kind of filter to turn off or option that will allow a note to be picked by clicking RIGHT ON TOP OF IT?  All I could find online is to hold down the ALT key when dragging the notes to turn off the auto align feature.  I've attached a screenshot of my notes.  I normally use a revision block thru SW but for this case, I had to key everything in manually for a customer.  Thanks!