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    Centerlines Terminating at Gaps

    Bradley Wall

      Hi Everyone,


      Currently in a SOLIDWORKS Drawings, construction and center lines can terminate at a gap in the line. This is especially prevalent in corners where two spaces meet each other, as shown below.


      Corners should be represented by a continuous line with no gaps, as the next image shows.


      There also exists an issue when zooming in on corners that cause them to change with even one click of the scroll wheel as shown below. The second picture is just slightly more zoomed out than the first one and it shows a different corner.


      We at SOLIDWORKS would like to know how this affects your drawings and if this is something that you would like to see updated.

        • Re: Centerlines Terminating at Gaps
          Jamil Snead

          These don't really affect me that much, but the things you said make sense. I rarely have center lines meeting at a corner, but occasionally I will use them to draw a box around something, and I guess it would be nice if the corners were solid. I care more about having center lines and phantom lines scale properly at any view level, because it is nice to know what the final printed drawing will look like. Sometimes I manually make hole center marks using center lines that cross, and I always try to line up the short segments to that they cross in the middle. It would be nice to be able to do this at any zoom level and not worry about if it will print differently.