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Pipe Fitting Mates

Question asked by Joe Miller on Sep 3, 2014

Hi All! My company manufactures fluid handling equipment and because of this our engineering group uses a lot of npt threaded fittings in our designs. For many years with both ACAD Inventor and Solidworks we have been mating these fittings with components using both a concentric and a coincident(with a Z- offset)mates. My question is, does anyone out there use a different and possibly quicker method? I have set up many of our fittings with mate references which will then create the two mates when we place the fitting into an assembly, but we still have to edit the coincident mate to get the Z- offset to allow for thread engagement length. My only other idea is to further edit the fittings and create a sketch or edge at the proper Z- offset and then use that as the mate reference. This would then cause the part to snap to the correct depth, I think. Just thought I would ask here in case anybody has any better ideas. Thanks!