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External (USB) Hard Drive Spinning Up On SW Launch

Question asked by Jeff Mowry on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by Jeff Mowry

Odd thing happening--any options in SolidWorks (or Windows 7) to prevent start-up of SolidWorks from simultaneously starting an external hard drive? This didn't happen previously, but I've recently updated my system and reinstalled Windows 7.


SW will still start if I have the external drive disconnected/shut-down.


I double-checked the backup/recovery settings and set them to an internal drive. They hadn't been set previously and their default was a random location on the C drive.


Still spins up after trying these settings disconnecting/reconnecting the drive. No big deal, but I didn't put SSDs in this system to have to wait for an idle spinning drive to wind up before starting applications.


Any ideas?