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Design Checker 'Standard Hole Size' identifies all Hole Wizard holes as non-standard

Question asked by Jared Naito on Sep 2, 2014



As I understand it, the Design Checker can check for "non-standard" holes made using Hole Wizard.  I interpret 'non-standard' to mean holes with non-default options (like CB depth and diameter in the capture below, highlighted in yellow) when using a standard such as ANSI Inch:




Unfortunately, the Standard Hole Sizes Check I have enabled in my design check flags all holes as custom.  It even flags properties that were left at the default Hole Wizard value as custom:




As far as I can tell, there are no user settings aside from criticality for the Standard Hole Sizes Check.




So my question is what am I missing?  Is there a library or standard I need to update/create that is separate from the ones Hole Wizard uses?  Perhaps there is a setting somewhere else in the Design Checker I need to point towards the ANSI Inch standard? 


For reference, I am running SW Premium 2013 x64 SP5.0.