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    SolidWorks Student Design Kit

    Annette Kraus

      A student of our company has a SolidWorks Student Design Kit. Is it allowed to install this version on a company laptop? Thanks Annette

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          Joe Kuzich

          Is it going to be used for learning or for work?


          I haven't read the user agreement in while and they do change, so I cant say for certain.  I would think that a student version could be loaded on a company laptop for the purpose of the student learning the software, but not for work.  The student version marks the files as student versions.


          When I talked to my VAR a couple years ago I was told that since my company had full license(s) and I was the only one using one of those license, I could get a full copy from them to load on a company or private laptop.  At that point I could even use it to work from home.  The thing was that I would have to log in to use it so it would verify no one else is using that license, which is supposedly quick and easy.  Then if I leave the company for any reason the company can call the VAR and they turn off my copy so I can't steal it for personal gain.


          They make it complicated, for good reason, but I have found that most VARs will work something out with you.  It's best just to ask them directly.

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            Deepak Gupta

            As far as it for learning purpose only and not official /commercial work it should be fine. Also make sure that along with it there is no commercial version installed on the same machine.