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    I have multiple drawings files linked to the same part based on nondimensional changes like color is there a way to link all these drawings files so a dimensional change or added dimension will update across all drawing files?

    Jonathan Fake

      Based on my companies process I have to make specific drawing files for each color of a part. So if I have a box that is 5 x 5 x 3 in black, white, green and blue I am required to make four specific drawings box01,box12,box31 and box58 the last two digits specify the color and there is over a hundred options for color. However if we add a hole or change a dimension so that the box is now 5 x 5 x 2.5 I now have to update drawings four or five times or update one and delete and remake the other drawings. Is there a way to link the drawings so if I make a change to say box01 then the updated dimension or added hole and dimension would be added to the other versions. To make this more complicated on occasion the changed dimension will updated on all but one version. I can handle this by just deleting that odd drawing out and making a new drawing that doesn't include the updates, as I will do configurations within the part when they are different. I figured I would mentions this if a macro is suggested has it would be a feature that would need to be included. I know that if I change the model to include the updated dimension that it will change across all the versions but If I add the hole I have to dimension that hole across all versions and the parts are never as easy as a box with a hole.