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It is worth the money?

Question asked by Jaume Batlle on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hi guys,


Normally I work with flow simulation with small problems that can be easily solved (warm up air, velocity...). But now I need to simulate an huge part of the machine I'm working on (8x5x10m, with 8 fans, humidity and heat conduction). The problem is that the solver crashes (efdsolver stops working) before it has finished. I told my boss that probably we need to upgrade our workstation to something more professional (currently we have a 32 Ram, GTX 770, I7...) but i saw on the internet what some workstations like HP Z820 (HP Z820 Workstation - ) It is woth the money? I will be able to resolve this kinds of problems with this workstation? I need to be sure before buying it.


Thanks you!