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Help with twisted chute

Question asked by Brian Corbin on Sep 2, 2014
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Help an Inventor user out... Please.....


Im trying to build a twistewd chute as per attached. The chute needs to be made between the shown flanges with 4 Sheetmeatls sides, each with 1 bend in the centre. Yes im probably going about this all wrong and in an inventor fashion... but I cant see how to make this work?


I have 2 sections of one side "complete" but cant figure out how to merge them into one face? In Inventor I can make the sketch for B-Flange2 colinear with the shared edge and extrude a second sheetmetal "face" on the body, it will automatically add the bend etc into it.


The corners of the 4 sides should be edge to edge etc etc.


Is someone able to show me a better way to complete this part, as Im scratching my head a little here....


Many Thanks