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Appropriate AMD processor with inbuilt Graphics card for SW 2014 & Above

Question asked by Nandkishore Mestry on Aug 31, 2014

I am currently having AMD Phenom X2 550 Processor with 4 GB RAM & NVIDIA GeForce 7025 Graphics card.


I am looking forward to upgrade my home desktop.

I may choose between AMD FX 8350 or AMD FX-6300.


My questions were as follows.


1) Do I need to install additional graphics card with either of this processors?

2) Do I have options in AMD processors where processor can support up to 32 GB RAM & May have on board graphics card,

  So that I need not to install External Graphics card immediately. The load of graphics can be carried by processor itself.

   & Based on future version upgrades of solidworks, I can upgrade system by just adding a Graphics card instead of changing processor all over again.


Thanks in Advance.