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    flow system project

    Sean Latham


      I have not used Solidworks Flow Simulation before.

      I have currently been asked to design a hydraulics system, and was wondering if Solidworks Flow is able to produce a working system that shows the losses in a piping system by showing the losses as specific points, and the turbulence produced by each feature in the system.  

      Thanks for any help you can give me,


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          Jared Conway

          yes it can do all of the above

          with a pressure plot or some "sensors" modeled in your piping system you can definitely see the pipe losses

          and for turbulence, it would be based on how you want to measure it, you could use the KE parameters to measure between studies or just look at the magnitude of velocities or other methods.


          if you guys are hesitant about buying the software, we offer consulting services here at hawk ridge systems where we can execute your first project and then teach you how we did it when you get the software, feel free to contact me at jared@hawkridgesys.com. Thanks.