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how to design a cam plate

Question asked by Ben D. on Aug 31, 2014
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I am trying to design a cam plate, which was used in an old diesel fuel pump distributor type:




There are 5 rollers for each cam on this plate, which are working as a bearing to let this cam plate rotate and move up and down. I can not figure out which features should I use to create this geometry. I presume I should use surfaces, making the outer profile of one cam, then filling it to the center axis of rotation, and then patterning it 5 times. Here is a beginning for one cam as I imagine it:




But I can not figure out which features are able to create a full surface of this profile. Could you please advice me ?


I checked the Cams from Toolbox, they only have only radial or linear cams. This is something in the middle


I also attach a part file here


Thank you for your help