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Is Surface Cut the right tool to use here?

Question asked by Brian Roby on Aug 30, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by Brian Roby

Hi all,

Have this job where we have been asked to modify some drill heads, fine tuning the profile and position of the cutting edges.

Have no problem modelling the majority of the head, but when I got to the profile area behind the cutting edge, I became stumped.

I have been trying to use a surface fill between the two projected curves forming the boundary of the area I wish to remove, but everything I try fails to give anything like the surface I want.

I was then going to use a surface cut to achieve the final profile.

Really need to figure out how to get this modeled as once the first drill head is done, then there are more to follow...

Can anyone help?

I have attached a photo of the original sample and the model as completed so far.

Thanks in advance.