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    Import Diagonsis -  HOW???

    Michael Goldberg

      I have an imported assembly that comes in from a stp file.  It shows as an assembly but it only has one part in it.  The imported body for that part has the triangle with the exclamation point warning that says "Warning: Imported geometry has 3 Check entity error(s)".  When I import it I don't get any warnings or import diagnosis function with the "Attempt to Heal All" button. How can I fix this either during the import or as a saved .sldprt file?  System specs are: SolidWorks Premium 2014 x64 SP 3.0 on Dell Precision T3600 Xeon with 32G ram, K4000 Nvidia graphics Window7 Professional SP1 with all updates


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          Jamil Snead

          If you open your import options there is a setting to run import diagnostics automatically. The only way I know to get to those options is to do the open command (File > Open), then set the file type to one of a few that have options (for example IGES), and then there is an "Options" button.


          Then on the General section there is a checkbox for "Automatically run Import Diagnostics".


          Also, if you already have a part open or saved that has import errors, you can right click on the imported feature and choose Import Diagnostics.


          By the way, for your example you said you want to just save it as a part file, so even though it imported in an assembly you can just open the part from it and save that, discarding the assembly that it created.

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              Michael Goldberg

              Thank you for the answers.  I couldn’t find either of the option selections (button on Open dialog box or under general system options) with either .stp or .igs selected. I’d still like to know how to set the options but I still don’t see them come up either from the Open dialog box or the System Options - General dialog box.


              I knew about saving it as a part and that, of course worked; I just hadn’t gone that far yet.  However, once saved as part then I got my “Import Diagnostics” button back which was what I really was after. 


              So with your help I’ve conclude the short answer is the import diagnostic button is not available on an assembly; save it as part then once at a part level right clicking on the “Imported#” feature under the part and the  “Import Diagnostics” button is now available.