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Import Diagonsis -  HOW???

Question asked by Michael Goldberg on Aug 30, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2014 by JOHN GEORGE

I have an imported assembly that comes in from a stp file.  It shows as an assembly but it only has one part in it.  The imported body for that part has the triangle with the exclamation point warning that says "Warning: Imported geometry has 3 Check entity error(s)".  When I import it I don't get any warnings or import diagnosis function with the "Attempt to Heal All" button. How can I fix this either during the import or as a saved .sldprt file?  System specs are: SolidWorks Premium 2014 x64 SP 3.0 on Dell Precision T3600 Xeon with 32G ram, K4000 Nvidia graphics Window7 Professional SP1 with all updates