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Print multiple pages from single model view DWG

Question asked by Kevin Kappes on Aug 29, 2014
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Hey all,


We have some tooling documents in .dwg format that we are trying to send to another group with no CAD software.  The issue is, the model view is multiple pages blocked off in sections, so I can easily select the print area for each page, however, printing all pages at once in multiple pages is turning out to be a nightmare.  So far, the best I can do is open it in Draftsight, print each page individually, and then use a separate tool to merge them into a PDF.  Is there any way to do this so I'm not having to do each page individually?  As it is I even have to manually select and print each page individually even if I just want a physical copy, and it gets time consuming when there's 25 pages to a .dwg (not to mention the double checking that the export looks good...)


Essentially, is there a way to print or export multiple selections at once in mulitple pages, using Solidworks, Draftsight, or other free programs?