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    display problem with solidworks 2012

    Linh-Chi Nguyen



      I am using Solidworks 2012. 3 days ago, I have problem displaying my solidworks windows in full screen. My part and assembly can only be displayed when the window is reduced (see attached file).


      Moreover, parts in my assembly started to disappear and reappear, and I didn't hide the part. It is always the same part that appear and disappear. The part is still shown on the feature tree even though it is not displayed.


      I have a AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphic card. I have updated the driver and still no change. I have changed my screen and still no change. I have reduced the resolution of my screen, and still no change. I have launched Solidworks Performance Test tool, but after 1h and a half, step 1 on 5 was still not finished, so I canceled the performance test tool (it was mentionned that the 5 steps for the performance test tool take about 30 minutes overall).


      I have been working with this computer and this solidworks for more than 2 years without any problem.


      Any suggestions how I might solve my issue? I have already contacted AMD but they didn't give me any clear recommendations how to fix my issue.


      Thank you and have a nice day

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          Jerry Steiger

          Linh-Chi Nguyen,


          It could be that a Windows update is causing your problem. Do you know if one occurred at the time your problem appeared? If so, try rolling back to the previous version.


          Another possibility is that your graphics card or your computer is failing. One quick check to see if the problem is being caused by your graphics card is to check "Use software OpenGL" under Tools/Options/System Options/Performance. (You have to close out all of your assemblies, drawings and parts before you can change this setting.) If the problem goes away, then the problem is in your graphics card or your driver.


          Your graphics card is not approved by SolidWorks. One fairly inexpensive fix would be to buy a low to mid-range graphics card, such as the AMD FirePro V4900 and install the approved driver from the SolidWorks website.


          Jerry S.