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SPEEDPAKs -- constantly out-of-date

Question asked by N. Ritchey on Aug 28, 2014

i've recently started applying the use of speedpaks to my modeling repertoire. our newest assembly models here are very complex and taxing on my system and "lightweight" wasn't cutting it.


i have mixed feelings on speedpaks. i know SW wants us to use them more, but for me, personally, the jury is still out. that's a subject for another conversation.


my issue right now is that i'm having problems with my speedpaks constantly being out of date. "OOD" speed paks cause a rebuild error in the model. it's not causing models to fail, but it's causing me to constantly have to update all my speedpaks.


here is a real world example of something i'm starting to encounter on a regular basis: today i had two files open -- a large assembly file, and a drawing file referencing that assembly. i was working in the drawing, and then went to lunch. i came back from lunch and looked at the drawing. then i switched to the model. the model immediately flagged me saying that speedpaks were out of date and i needed to update them.


what happened over lunch that required these speedpaks to update?


often times i have subassembly speedpaks go out of date when i haven't changed a thing, more importantly, i haven't changed anything in that model that is speedpak'd. so why does it need to be updated?


even files to which i don't have write access (no ownership via PDM) are constantly flagging me telling me i need to update them. i'm not sure WHY they need to be updated, i'm not sure HOW they came out of date...


well, the whole thing just confuses me.


so if i have an assembly with 5 speedpak'd subassemblies, and all of the sudden i add a mate and it causes 5 speedpaks to go out of date...


well, i'm not really gaining anything performance-wise, am i...