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    BOM (table) Column Text "Fit to width"

    N. Ritchey



      when i auto-insert a BOM into a drawing, typically, and by default, the first column is "ITEM NO." and below it is a list of numbers, typically 1-## in numerical order.


      by default, on an auto-inserted BOM, if i drag the column to resize it (making it narrow-er), the text in the first row (which says "ITEM NO.") will automatically refit the text into two rows to take advantage of the diminishing horizontal space, but excess vertical space.


      this is similar to the excel function "wrap text". so instead of saying "ITEM NO." it now says "ITEM" and then "NO." below it.


      basic concept, right?


      but none of the other columns behave this way, and i can't figure out how to apply that setting to another column. for instance, the QTY row lists "configuration/quantity" so in my case it says "STEP.050/QTY." and underneath it are a bunch of one- and two-digit numbers. i'd like to shrink the horizontal size of the column but it won't let me shrink it because of the length of "STEP.050/QTY."


      but with "ITEM NO." it automatically shrinks no problem.


      gah! thanks.