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How to create a flat pattern for transit mixer vanes

Question asked by Akshay Sashikumar on Aug 29, 2014

I have been trying to create a the inner vanes of transit mixer. As you can see in the images one vane is clockwise and the other vane is anticlockwise.i tried to create the drum along with the inner vanes initially in solid works but i was unable to do so because i am new to Solidworks hence created the Drum and the inner  vanes in Pro E in solid modelling  but the problem is that


i am unable to create the inner vanes on the inner periphery of the drum in solidworks


I am unable able to get developement length of the inner vanes nor the inner and outer diameter of the vane after cutting the inner vane  for example at an angle of 120degrees as you can see in image 1


I am not able to flatten the inner vane


The inner and outer diameter of the vane is required to draw it in 2d in autocad since it has to be sent for laser cutting