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PLM : direct or via PDM ?

Question asked by Mandar Parkhi on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Brian Rockwell

Hi friends, it is said that PLM is needed by large enterprises, who want to leverage processes across multi-markets / countries, and who want to re-engineer their enterprise.



But if the enterprise hasn't yet implemented PDM, then should they directly implement PLM or go to PLM via PDM ?



Some arguments in favour of second approach are :



1) PLM does not help designers (since PLM covers broader workflow and ignores the concept-to-release workflow).



2) PLM primarily looks at the needs of manufacturing, IT, management, supply. chain, but does not improve the productivity of design department. In fact, many times it increases the non-productive work (filling data, PLM documents) of a designer.



3) PDM implementation captures metadata and brings discipline. This makes the further implementation of PLM smooth and effective.



4) PDM is less costly and doesn't require programming. PLM is costly and needs lot of consulting and programming. So PDM gives higher return on smaller investment. And it creates better ground for PLM implementation.



Looking forward to your comments,