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    Splined shaft cross section

    Dan Cip

      Dear friends,


      I am working right now in a project on my university and for this i need to draw several splined shafts

      The problem is, in my country's standard (not sure if the same goes for ISO), it is required to show the cross section of any shaft that is not round. Also, this cross section must be drawn on the shaft's lateral view and it must either be filled with a solid color or hatched (and the lines behind it must be invilible). Below it's an example image.



      I've had some success doing it when drawing just the individual shafts (but unfortunately only can fill with black color) but not on the assembly drawings.

      My idea to come up with that was creating a section view, hiding all the lines that are not from the shaft and placing it over it.I've had some success doing it when drawing just the individual shafts but not on the assembly drawings. Two problems are:

      1- some lines (especially wizard holes) don't go away with hide line command

      2-i cant find a way to fill the cross section with a solid color or hatch it while hiding the lines behind

      3- after i drop the line to do the sectioning, solidworks asks which featues i want to exclude, but they remain there anyway


      any ideas?


      thank you in advance!

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          Jamil Snead

          First I just want to clarify that when you do a section view and it asks what parts to exclude, that just means those parts won't get cut by the section, but they will still be shown whole in the section view.


          Now here's one method to achieve what you are looking for. You can make a configuration of the shaft part where you cut a 90 degree notch in it at the location you want the cross section shown.




          Then make a configuration of the assembly with that part configuration. In your section view, exclude the spline shaft from the section (so it doesn't get cut) and set the view to the config with the notched shaft.


          If you don't want that solid line in the middle you can hide it, and adding the cross hatch is easy. Just start an Area Hatch/Fill and pick the "region" option, then select the two cross section faces.


          You can also easily add a center line across it if you want like in the example you posted.

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              Dan Cip

              Dear Jamil,


              Thank you for your answer and clarification.


              I really like your idea, but my only concern is that the notch will be visible in a different drawing view.

              By "different configuration" you meant doing a copy of my file and doing the notch? Or is it something else?

              Can i exclude the feature (cute extrude) from other views?


              Thank you!

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                  Dan Cip

                  also i cant hatch it, my solidworks must be bugged

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                    Jamil Snead

                    You can read up on configurations in the SW help, but the general idea is that you can create different versions of a part, called configurations, within a single file. So within the single shaft file you can have a configuration with the notch and a configuration with the notch suppressed. When you you the part in an assembly you can choose which configuration you want shown. Assemblies can also have configurations, and in each assembly configuration you can suppress certain parts or mates and you can also choose the configuration you want shown of each part. So you could make two configurations within the assembly file, one with the notched shaft selected and one with the whole shaft selected. Then in each drawing view you can choose which assembly configuration is shown. Actually one limitation is that a section view needs to show the same configuration as the parent. So you can show the assembly with the complete shaft for every view except the top view and the section view, which could show the assembly configuration with the notched shaft.

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                  Bernie Daraz



                  Cool method, thanks for sharing. I found this method here on the forums, basically you create a broken view while 'spreading' the sections out and drag an end view in between. It might be less work than adding a configuration or display state. I mocked up this model for this.