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Creating multiple almost identical parts with flexible length

Question asked by Kasper Wuyts on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Hello all,


I am currently designing a new truss for our company. This is still in a very preliminary stage, and I want everything as flexible as possible.

This is the situation:


1)  I am not a very experienced Solidworks user.

2) I want to drive all the component lengths and positions using a layout sketch. (I've added a simple screenshot)

3) All of the vertical and diagonal members of the truss will consist of an identical profile section, the only difference between them is the variable length. The profile itself might change shape as we go into more detailed design, so i still need an easy way to change the shape of all the profiles simultaneously.

4) I am currently unaware of the best practice to drive the length of all these profiles with the layout sketch,  and whether this is possible with different configurations.


What I am currently doing is:

1) creating the profiles so that their length is driven by a simple line sketch inside the profile parts themselves

2) I insert them into the truss assembly

3) I mate the endpoints of the part sketch with the appropriate points in the layout sketch.


This however means that all the profiles are different parts; and if I want to change the shape of the profile I would have to go back and edit every profile sketch.


Can anyone help me find a more efficient practice for this?