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    Showing deformed shape and mesh nodes simultaneously

      In COSMOSWorks, after successfully running,
      does anybody know how to (in result of 'Displacement')
      show both deformed shape and mesh nodes simultaneously?

      I am interested in location (x,y,z) of specific node after load to be
      applied in a solid part.

      Thank you
        • Showing deformed shape and mesh nodes simultaneously
          Vince Adams
          Hi Howard, there are 2 aspects to this question. First, you can show the mesh on the deformed shape by RMB the displacement plot icon and choose Settings. In Settings, change your Boundary Options to Mesh.

          For checking the displacement at a specific node, Probe might be your fastest option. If your geometry doesn't change you can create a Sensor at that location (v2007 feature) but note that if the spatial location of that point changes with a geometry modification, the Sensor will report the closest node to the originally selected XYZ location.

          Good luck!