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laser cut tube with end surface normal to

Question asked by Joseph Sensenig on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by James Santangelo

I am trying to create a tube that will be cut with a laser. The tube is mating up to another tube that is at a 45 deg. angle to the first one. I have searched the forum some to find a way to make a tube that will have the end with a normal to cut, similar to what sheet metal would have if wrapped around. I tried to use a thicken surface tool, but you can see in attached picture and part file how the tube on the inside angle is not cut back far enough. If my part was not at an angle, the thicken feature would work just fine.  What can I do to get the tube to match up to the other tube?


What I would really like is to have a "normal to" option in the extruded boss feature. It would work the same as using an extrude base flange feature in sheet metal, and when the sheet metal is extruded up to a surface, SW automatically trims the end normal to the edge of the part.


Any ideas how to get the attached part to work?       Thanks.