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Long computing time to pattern 100 unit cell in all dimensions (100^3 units). (3D printing of bone scaffolds  project)

Question asked by Gideon Hughes on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Hi guys, I'm a student and pretty new to SW.


My project is in the field of 3D printing of structures for bone scaffolds.


I have a 3D unit cell structure that I need to pattern 100 times in all 3 dimensions and computing time is extremely long. (I have a 64GB RAM Intel Xeon CPU ES-1650 @ 3.2GHz and 64-bit OS.)


I tried by using the normal linear pattern of bodies/ faces/features but it seems to take too long and I have a number of different structures to test. 



I also tried by making a cube of 10^3 unit cells and in assembly I managed to create the 100^3 units but It seems like it's going to take long hours to join them or save them as a part.

I tried reading if I have limitations with my 2013 student version but all I can read is that it shouldn't affect it.


Are there any other limitations that i'm missing?

Any advice? Thanks, I hope someone can help me.