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    My center marks and centerlines are immovable.

    Sid Humphreys

      My center marks and centerlines are immovable.  They will go in where they are supposed to.  the handles show up on the ends of the linesw, but I cannot extend them for some reason.  Need help please.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Sid,


          I've never seen a situation where I couldn't click on the blue box at the end of a centerline and drag it where I want.  There is one thing that's kind of tricky when placing centerlines on a Detail View.  If the edges you select to place the centerline extend past the margin of the Detail View, then the blue box to click on to move the centerline will be well away from the edge of the view.  The visible line will only extend a little ways past the view, but the box will be farther out.  Maybe quite a bit farther out, depending on the amount of difference between the scales of the parent view and the detail view.

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              Matthew Lorono

              Sid,  there is a setting for center marks that allows you to include extended lines.  Without seeing your example, I am venturing a guess that this setting is turned off.  You can turn the setting on in your center mark's PropertyManager with the check box labelled "Extended Lines" in the "Display Attributes" group box.   The default to include extended lines at set in the Document Properties under Centerlines/Center Marks.  Please let me know if this addresses your question.