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How can I find the drawings for parts of an assembly using the API without opening SW?

Question asked by Milligan Courtney on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by Roland Schwarz

I have a program to replace/rename the references of any SW file. It uses ReplaceReference (ISwDMDocument) and GetAllExternalReferences4 (SwDocumentMgr). Neither of these requires SW to be open which greatly enhances the speed at which the program runs, and increases its stability greatly when processing large batches.

The program works fine when the user start with a drawing. It drills down through the references. The problem begins when the you start with a part or assembly. The GetAllExternalReferences4 will tell me all the reference under the assembly, but I also need to find those references drawings. The part sub component and its drawing both need to be renamed, not just the part.


I saw somethings with the swPackAndGo that looked interesting, but I am pretty sure you have to open the object in SW to use it. I want to use something more like the pack and go integrated in the Windows shell, that shows up on the right click menu in Explorer.


Does anyone have any ideas?