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    Remove fromparent+ from BOM description

    Jason Lackey

      I am getting the above mentioned issue when placing a BOM on a drawing, where the description shows up as "fromparent+SIDEPANEL".  Seems like there has to be a way for this not to show up, but I have not been able to find it in the forums or the help files.  If not, then this is a useless feature.  Thanks in advance.






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          Myles Bryning

          Is the item that is not displaying correctly a mirrored part at all? There are a few bug reports in the knowledge base on this, so it may not of been fixed when SW2012 was out.

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            Kevin Willis

            I've personally run into this same issue, and while I haven't fully investigated the problem, I may be able to help. As Myles said, your part is likely a mirror, at least that's how this error appeared for me. I think the problem may lie in Step 4 of the Mirror Components tool. In comparing between having the "Custom Properties" box checked vs. unchecked when creating the mirrored part, I found that with the box checked I would be unable to get rid of the "fromparent+" description, but when the box was unchecked, I was able to set the description to my own liking. Using the "Break link to original part" box may also be something to experiment with.


            - Kevin