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    Images not showing in drawing

    Chris Scheer

      I've created some decals as PNG files.  I insert them into my part file just fine.  When I open my assembly file (with the part in it) I get an error message that basically says it's unable to locate the decal.  I select "browse for file" and path out to my decal.  It says "File name entered was invalid, not found, locked or of an incompatible type".  So I "cancel" but the images show up just fine anyway.  I get the same message in my drawing (with the assembly), however, the images don't show up at all.

      So questions..


      Why am I getting the error messages in my assembly and drawing?

      Why do the images show up in my assembly, but not drawing?


      Side question..

      Is there a way to copy images/decals already in a part (to show them on different sides of the part) without having to re-insert them?