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How do you change a hole type in hole wizard without breaking mates?

Question asked by Jeffrey Anderson on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by Jeffrey Anderson

I have a bracket that our vendor changed.  We use it in a lot of assemblies.  However, the vendor changed the hole size and type.  When I change the hole type or size in the dialog box, the hole change causes the mates in upper level assemblies to break.  Is there a way I can change hole size or type without breaking mates?  I did find one way, but it is not favorable.  I can give the diameter a custom size and then add a countersink to pretend it is a smaller hole instead of actually changing the hole size.  This is not favorable because the feature is still listed as a 1/4" hole if another user goes to edit the bracket.  I can edit the description of the feature, but if they go to edit the hole, it says 1/4". Am I stuck with having to fix all the mates in the assemblies that use this bracket?

old bracket.GIF new bracket.GIF

Old Bracket                                                                                New Bracket