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Issue printing in normal quality

Question asked by Chris Beckman on Aug 25, 2014

I have a specific drawing (slddrw) that when opened in eDrawings and printed with normal quality yields a blank page.  Printing with draft quality gets me a draft quality print that is unacceptable for use (im not concerned about that).


I have tried force rebuilding, I have tried creating a new drawing and copying the existing sheet to that new drawing. nothing besides creating a new drawing from scratch seems to fix it.


Heres the normal quality of the print screen...



and then on draft quality...



Thankfully this is the only drawing that i have encountered this specific problem on.


But...  I have also encountered a problem where eDrawings will not show the views and leaves me with annotations pointing to nothing.  I noticed that in solidworks when opening these drawings, the views are missing for a few moments before they are finally loaded.  With this i have tried force rebuilding, rebuilding, etc and it sometimes seems to work.


Has anyone else encountered a problem like this before?



EDIT:  Marked it as assumed answered.  Whoops. I have no idea how to undo that.