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is anybody using an HP Zbook 14?

Question asked by Andrew Michell on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by Steven Winoker

I bought an HP Zbook 14 in May 2014. It has a built in  FirePro M4100 graphics card (driver  13.251.1), and is supported by SW.


Whenever I run Solidworks, it hangs, generally within 30 minutes of starting a session.


Because I was getting some blue screens, my VAR said it was a hardware problem, not SW. So HP have replaced the motherboard and hard drive;  I have reinstalled the OS (3 times altogether).


I am no longer getting blue screens, but SW still hangs at the same rate when using the graphic card.


If I set SW to use Open GL, it works OK. But that defeats the purpose of buying this particular laptop - it has a graphics card which is supported by SW.


So I am interested to know whether anyone is using this laptop with SW, and without problems?