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Property Tab Builder: Advanced Options (un)visible checkbox

Question asked by Hupla Que on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by Hupla Que

Hi everyone,
When using checkboxes (Property Tab builder), you have the option to make other controls visible or unvisible.
My goal is to present more or less other selection boxes, based on a 'basic' selection.


Only show checkboxes 10 to 15 when the first checkbox 1 is selected and make all others unvisible, OR show boxes 20 to 25 when box nr 2 is checked and hide all other boxes.
Problem: In case boxes are unvisible, the default '$PRP:"propertyname" is displayed as value in the 'Evaluated Value' column in the 'Summary Information' Window which I don't want...
When all boxes are in a 'visible state', the property evaluated value (in Summary Information) stays empty when I don't use the advanced options, which is nice, because I don't want any values there...
Goal is to create a string of checked values. Therefore some of the emty checkboxes need to be emty as value.
I prefer to do this through the Prop Tab Builder, so it's easy to delete all properties and overwrite them when needed, instead of making the appropriate property selections when you need to delete some props. (avoid mistakes)
Not sure if my explanation is clear...

In the 'All visible' screenshot, all is OK
In the 'Only visible' the problem comes up...


Thanks already.