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Question asked by Kelvin Lamport on Aug 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by Greg Jankowski

1) Can the Your View link be placed in the Home page menu instead of the Inbox page?


2) The Your View page refers to Places. I though that term had been replaced by Spaces/Groups.


3) Can a New Discussions tile option be added to the Your View page?


3) Can a Start Discussion link be added to the[thread] page?


4) Can a Forum User Interface category be added when starting a discussion?


5) As also requested by Deepak Gupta in Forum- Please get the last style,  please change the stark icon colour scheme used in the Reply box & Start a Discussion box.


6) After yesterdays update, a document explaining some of the changes was posted, but I cannot find it now. Where is it hiding?

         EDIT: Finally found the "document" called New Feature Updates in my Inbox, but it does not show up in a search, nor can it be bookmarked for future reference.

          New Feature Updates.png

          FURTHER EDIT: Just found that document can be shortlisted in the Inbox with the Filter set to Notifications. Who knew?


7) Using the Inbox filter to view Messages doesn't list the old forums private messages. Can they be included under this new section?

          EDIT: Old PM's cannot be accessed. See   for confirmation.


Added 2014-08-23

8) The document mentioned in point 6 states, "You can now add customized Place pages to any place you own", but fails to mention how we get to own a Place in the first place.

Place Pages.png